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May 31, 2013
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Cross Over Commotion

Chapter 1: Winds of Destruction


Isaac didn't know where he was when he woke up. The lighting was dim, it smelled of dirty clothes, and the ground felt funny.

It felt like... pants...

Isaac looked down at the floor, and discovered he was sitting on a pair of old ragged jeans.

"Oh, that's why." Isaac thought to himself. Looking around the room, he picked up his scattered crayons and his slightly damaged notebook and looked around. Wherever he was, it looked vastly different . It was a locker room, and a messy one at that. Clothes were lying around on the ground carelessly. He also noticed a small plastic bomb lying near him, why it was there he has no idea. But it was his only way of self defense at the moment, so he grabbed the bomb.

"I wonder where this is?" Isaac thought to himself as he looked around, finding a sliding door across the room. Once out of the smelly locker room, he looked around. It looked like a school, but nothing like the elementary he went to. His elementary didn't have any of the sliding doors, or an infirmary, or even a second floor.

"It's almost summer. We just need to past these finals" Isaac could hear voices coming from down the hallway. He quickly ran behind a nearby pillar, planning to spy on some of the people in this school place. A group of people soon walked by, consisting of one teenage boy and five girls.

"Hopefully nothing like last year happens, Tskune." A girl with long bright pink hair wearing a green school uniform shirt and a skirt said.

"Can you please be my teacher Tskune? You are so smart after all" One of the other girls with short light blue hair and wearing a tight sweater and a short skirt grabbed the boy in a hug. For some reason, when she did, Isaac noticed that the boy named Tskune started glowing red and he began bleeding out of his nose.

"Hey! Get off of my boyfriend Kurumu!" A younger girl wearing a very wizard like hat and cape grabbed the boys arm, trying to pull him away from the blue haired girl.

"Why can't they all be friends? Why can he only have one friend?" Isaac thought, sneaking behind the group of people.

"I think someone is following us..." One of the girls in the back of the group with short purple hair and wearing a wide necked white sweater and a short skirt faintly said.

Isaac jumped behind another pillar, a strange yellow tub smashing into the ground he was standing in before.

"Did I get them?" The young girl turned around, holding a strange heart shaped wand.

"There's no one there, Yukari. You probably wouldn't have hit them anyways." The girl named Kurumu taunted, another of those weird yellow tubs landing on her head.

"You little brat!"

"You deserved it, mega melons!" The little girl yelled back.

Mega melons? Does she grow watermelons or something? Isaac thought, peeping around the pillar at the group.

" It was probably just your imagination, Mizore" The last of the unnamed girls, wearing a black sleeveless top and a orange skirt looked around behind the group to make sure no one was truly following them.

"Maybe you're right, Ruby." The purple haired woman, Mizore, turned around and continues following the group.

Isaac slowly crawled out from behind his cover, giving a light sigh of relief.

I have to be more careful, these people seem a bit hostile..." Isaac thought to himself, slowly tailing behind the group of students through the halls.


Meanwhile in a different country.


In the city named 'The City', a DeSoto Adventurer sped down the streets, hitting every fire hydrant, traffic cone, and stop sign in sight.

"Hey! Hey Sam! Hit that garbage can!" A small white rabbit... thingy shouted. The DeSoto quickly made a sharp turn to hit the can, almost hitting a group of kids in the process.

"Yeah! There's nothing like a day of reckless driving and arresting people!" The white rabbit... thing sighed in delight, sinking into his seat.

"You said it little buddy" Sam, a six foot tall anthropomorphic dog wearing a suit, tie, and a fedora made another sharp turn to hit a stop sign.

"Will you guys please stop hitting everything in sight!?" A red and black ninja shouted. This is Deadpool, the 'Mercenary With A Mouth'.

"Just shut up and enjoy the ride!" The rabb-

"Please just call me Max, narrator"

Sorry. Max said, putting his feet up on the dashboard.

"Why am I even in here?! I didn't even do anything yet!"

"We know all about your fourth wall breaking Deadpool." Max answered.

"And we can't have you hogging all of the fun" Sam added.

"I'm always surrounded by the most annoying people..." A very busty nurse with blue hair and a surgeons mask sighed in annoyance.

"Welcome to my world" The Spy mumbled.

"Quiet back there, Valentine. We need to get you back to the hospital" Max turned back to look at the three handcuffed people in the back.

"I don't work at a hospi- Wait, how do you know my name?" The ninja nurse practitioner asked, confused.

"I found this list of all of the people who will appear in this story a while ago. In fact, I'll tell you some of the list. First, we have K-"

The list suddenly was hit by a green bolt of lightning, causing it to explode.

"Aw..." The rabbit groaned, sinking into his seat even more.


Sam stomped on the brakes, bring the car to a quick stop.

"What is it, little buddy?" The detective asked.

"Look down there!" Max pointed down to a large empty alley. At the end of the dark alley was a large black hole.

"It's one of those things that brought me here." Valentine looked at the strange black hole.

"I bet you twenty bucks that you can't drive through that black hole before it sucks us into some strange adventure!"

"I'll take your bet, little buddy" Sam quickly turned the car toward the alley, hit the gas pedal, and began speeding down the alley towards it.

"What kind of terrible dare is this!?" Deadpool yelled, trying to get out of his handcuffs.

"A AWESOME one that's what" Max gave a small cheer as the adventurer sped into the black hole, disappearing into thin air and on it's way to a new world and place.


Meanwhile, in a construction site in New York...


"Why can't there ever be a day when Bowser isn't up to something..." Mario slowly got up, rubbing his head and adjusting his cap.

"I didn't do anything this time!" Bowsers clawed hand pulled Mario out of the crater that the two were in.

"Where are we?" Mario looked around at the unfamiliar and empty construction sight they were sitting in.

"You two are in the good ol' big apple, New York"

The sworn enemies looked ahead of them, seeing a bald man with grey eyes and wearing a long black trench coat walking towards them.

"What is the 'big apple'?" Bowser slowly got up, along with Mario.

"Nothing you'll be needing to know, when your dead at least?


"Yes, I'm here to kill you two. I haven't killed a person in a while, after all"

Bowser quickly got into a fighting position, while Mario got up and prepared a fireball.

"Who are you?!" Mario shouted at the chuckling stranger.

"I don't like to give my name to the people I kill, but since you asked so nicely..."

The man pulled out two strange looking machetes.

"The names Sundowner"

"Sun... Downer?" Mario was confused by the name.

"I'll bathe in your blood!" Sundowner roared, charging at the two video game icons.


Back with Isaac...


Isaac slowly followed behind the group of high school students, many questions traveling through his head. Such as what was this talk about monsters? Why were these girls constantly arguing about who gets to be this guy named Tskune's girl friend, why couldn't they all be his friends? And why were these girls skirts so short?

The young naked lad suddenly felt a chill, as if he was walking through a snowy winter day.

"There was someone following us" Mizore kneeled down, looking down at Isaac. Isaac let out a grunt of surprise, and turned to run. He couldn't move at all, confusing him greatly. He looked down at his feet, finally realizing that his feet were frozen to the ground. He struggled greatly, trying to yank his feet free from their icy prison, but it was no use as Mizore's friends turned around and spotted Isaac.

"Was he being a peeping tom?" Kurumu asked, walking up to the kid.

"I don't know, but he smells like a human" Mizore stood back up and turned to her friends.

"Humans have smells?" Isaac thought, slowly chipping away at the ice keeping him stuck to the ground.

"You do realize that humans are supposed to be killed on sight here?" Ruby whispered.

"KILL HUMANS!?" Isaac quickly tugged harder at his cold feet while the group of high schoolers discussed with each other.

"But he's just a little kid." Said the pink haired girl, Moka.

"It is a school rule though..." Yukari replied.

"You guys didn't try to kill me when you guys learned I was a human" Tskune responded.

"But that's because you're my special soul mate" Kurumu grabbed Tskune in a hug.

"Hey! Get off of him!"

"I'm not gonna stand here and let them kill me!" Isaac finally managed to break out of his icy prison, and pulled out the bomb he found earlier.

"Alright, fine. We'll talk to this kid and -"

Isaac tossed the bomb at the group, resulting in a large explosion that sent the group flying. Isaac quickly ran off in the opposite direction.

"Hey! Get back here you little brat!" Kurumu suddenly grew a pair of bat-like wings out of her back, and fly down the hallways after the kid.

"Hey, wait!" The other four high schoolers chased after the two.


Back with Bowser and Mario...


"You two washed up morons can't beat me!" Sundowner kicked Mario brutally in the face, sending the plumber flying across the construction zone and into some wooden beams.

"Hey! Only I'm allowed to beat up my foe!" Bowser charged at Sundowner, ready to give a koopa claw to the man. Mario quickly jumped out of his daze and charged at Sundowner also, ready to give him a uppercut. But just as the two were about to give their attacks to him, Sundowner disappeared.

"WHAT?!" Bowser shouted, coming to a halt.

"Not fast enough!"

Sundowner came down from behind the two, and ran Mario through with his machetes.

"Woah!" Bowser was shocked at the mans speed, and the brutal attack Sundowner performed on Mario. The plumber shouted in pain as Sundowner booted him off of his blade.

"You left yourself open, idiot!" Bowser dashed at the vicious fighter, and raised his fist for a punch.

Sundowner chuckled sinisterly, connecting his two machetes at the hilt, turning the blades into a scissor like weapon.

"You aren't gonna win."

Bowser yelped in shock when Sundowner caught his arm in between the blades. He raised his other fists to try and pry the weapon off, but Sundowner grabbed that fist with his free hand.

"Lets see how well these scales can handle my blades"

Bowser began to roar in agony as the immense heat from Sundowners blades burned his scales. The blades were so hot that they even started to melt his scales where they were touching.

"King of the koopas my ass, you couldn't beat a gimped Toad" The cyborg laughed, raising his weapons to give Bowser a finishing blow.


Bullets hit Sundowners shoulder, making him jump back in shock from the sudden attack.

"Freeze! You're under arrest!" Two men wielding pistols ran out onto the scene, aimed at Sundowner.

The first of the two had brown hair and green eyes, with a few scars underneath his left cheek and wearing a suit and a red tie. The other also has brown hair and green eyes, but was wearing a black raincoat and a green tie.

"And who the fuck are you people?" The cyborg man pointed his machetes at the two.

"Norman Jayden. FBI. You're under arrest for your involvement in the Winds of Destruction" The second guy said.

"Agent York Morgan. Also part of the FBI" The man wearing the red tie lifted his gun.

"Ha, like those tiny pea shooters are gonna do shit against me." The blade wielding cyborg laughed.

"Maybe we should see if your truly immune to our pea shooters" York said in a rather calm tone. The two FBI agents began slowly stepping forward to their target, but out of nowhere, a strange object imbedded into the pipe above Norman's head

"Do you think I'd come here by myself?" Sundowner gave a chuckle.

Norman pulled the object out of the pipe, and took a closer look. It appeared to be a sai, but it was covered in a strange purple energy.

The two heard a hiss from above them, but before any of them could retaliate to the noise, a black haired woman wearing a very revealing magenta outfit came out of the air above Norman, and gave him a drop kick to the face. The girl quickly lunged at York, stabbing him in the shoulder with the sai she snatched from Norman.

"Little Mileena was hungry and looking for a new playmate, so I allowed her to tag along to devour these two deadbeats after I was finished with them. But she does enjoy live meals more. Says their screams add flavor." Sundowner laughed maniacally at his joke. Mileena tore off the veil she was wearing over her mouth, revealing her horrible, sharp Tarkatan teeth.

"Well, Zach. This mission just went belly up" York began muttering to himself.

"Zach?" The clone grunted, confused. A loud heavy metal ringtone rang out, making everyone's attention focus on it.

"Hello?" Sundowner held his hand up to his ear, answering his codec.

"I see... Alright, I understand. Goodbye" He soon hanged up, and put his blades away.

"Sorry little lady, but theirs been a change of plans. You'll just have to eat one of the recruits" He headed towards Mileena, the woman growling in annoyance before leaping onto Sundowners back.

"It's been fun, but we gotta go. Next time we meet, none of y'all are coming out of the fight alive!" And with that, Sundowner leaped onto a three story building nearby with Mileena on his back, and continued jumping from building to building.

"If I find that man... I'm gonna tear that stupid grin off of his face..." The koopa king picked himself off the floor with his good arm, looking at the spot where Sundowners blades melted his scales.

"We got here just in time, didn't we?" Norman held his hand to help Mario off the ground. Mario slowly grabbed his hand, and was pulled onto his feet.

"Use these. They should heal up your wound" York gave Mario a box of band aids.

"Are you kidding me? How do band aids heal a stab wound? Are you a idiot or-"

"Mama mia, these things actually worked!" The hole in Mario's chest was now gone, with little to no traces of it ever happening to the plumber.

"You were saying?" The scar carrying agent asked Bowser.

"Why are you people even here?"

"We're here on confidential business, we aren't supposed to tell anyone, especially a turtle and-"

"We're here because we were informed that a member of the Winds of Destruction was here" York interrupted Norman.

"Agent York, we aren't supposed to be telling people about this missi-"

"Well, it's pretty obvious that these two want to get back at their attackers, so they could be of some assistance. The more the merrier they always say"

"And how can you tell that?"

"Look at their faces, they obviously want to get back at them. Just look at the fire in their eyes. Even if we didn't tell them, they would go look for these people themselves." York explained.

"You do make a decent point, but this is government business." Jayden looked around the construction site, checking over the damage.

"Who are the Winds of Destruction?" Mario asked.

"You might as well tell them now" Norman sighed.

"Gladly. The Winds of Destruction are a organization that we've pin pointed to be situated in this city. We don't know what their true intentions are, but it appears they are targeting certain people" Agent York began explaining

"What do you mean 'certain people'?" Asked Bowser.

"They kill iconic characters from all sources of media, such as you two. But they aren't afraid to go after people who get in their way or threaten their plans, or just anyone they feel like"

"The man who you two were fighting is one of their highest ranking members, a cyborg named Sundowner." Norman joined in.

"We don't know who the girl was, but she must be a new member. We were sent to arrest Sundowner and interrogate him"

"I see... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find that tin can and tear him apart!" Bowser began to run off.

"You won't be able to catch up with them. But if you help us, you'll be able to find them and get your revenge" York stopped the villain.

"How can you two find this chrome doofus?"

"We have some leads that could lead us to their headquarters. If they end up leading to nothing, you can go and run off to find them yourself"

".... Fine... Now, where do we go from here?" Bowser came back to the three with a grunt.

"The nearest coffee stand" York answered, leading the group to his squad car.

"Why?" Mario asked.

"Because I can't work without a good cup of coffee, right Zach?"


"Zach is his split personality" Norman explained.

"Great... I get to go get coffee with some nutball who talks to himself... How can this get any better?"

Believe me Bowser, it will get "better"


Back with Isaac...


"Get back here you little brat!"

Isaac burst out the front of the school doors, and ran through the open school gates. He was soon stopped when the blue haired girl that was chasing him landed in front of him, bat like wings on her back, her fingernails now large and sharp claws, and a fire in her eyes.

"What is she!?" Isaac thought, falling to the floor and shaking a fear. Kurumu noticed Isaac's fear, and she finally got control of her emotions, lowering her claws.

"I'm sorry, kid. I just don't like it when-"

Out of nowhere, a blazing knife scraped her side, making her fall to the ground in pain.

"What the?" The now surprised naked lad got up and looked for the attacker, soon getting a powerful metal claw to the face that sent him flying into Kurumu.

"Who did that?" The other teens were now outside, looking around for the attacker.

"Greetings, monsters" A robotic voice spoke.

Isaac looked up to the sky, giving a grunt to alert the people he was tailing.

The five jumped back, a chainsaw blade digging into the ground they were standing on before and tearing up the dirt. The revving blade belonged to the strangest thing Isaac, Tskune, or any of his friends had seen. It was a strange metallic wolf shaped creature.

"What are you? And why did you hurt Kurumu?" Moka, the pink haired girl yelled at the stranger.

"I am IF Prototype LQ-84i" The robotic wolf placed its chainsaw blade onto its back with its tail like wire.

"That name is stupid" said Yukari, a heated knife soon grazing her cheek and making her shout in shock and pain.

"I possess a intellect far beyond any human."

"Why are you here? What do you want from us?"

"I am here to kill him" The wire tail grabbed the chainsaw blade off it's back, pointing it at Isaac.

"What? Why?"

"He will be a nuisance to us in the near future, so I was sent to kill him before he could become a problem"

"Well, you aren't going to hurt him. Not when were around!" Tskune stood defensively in front is Isaac.

"Why defend someone who tried to harm you?" A new voice came from the blue.

"Now who is it?"

From the roof of the school, a strange white haired red clad robotic man landed in front of them all.

"The name's Monsoon"

"I should have tried the trapdoor to the basement..." Isaac thought.

"Tskune, get the rosary off of me, now!" The boy quickly ran over to Moka, tearing the big rosary around her neck from its chain. Almost instantly, the skies became dark red.

"What is this?" Isaac thought, looking up at the sky, his eyes focusing on the large of swarm of bats coming down from the red moon and surrounding the pink haired woman. Every inch of her body disappeared under the swarm of bats.

"Interesting..." Monsoon muttered, watching the transforming girl. Soon, the swarm of bats disappeared, revealing Moka's true form. Her once pink hair was now a shimmering silver and her glaring eyes red.

"That's it? Even Jack had a better transformation than you" The red cyborg chuckled.

"I don't know who you people are, but I'm not letting you two hurt a defenseless little boy" The changed Moka's voice was now a lot more stern, unlike before.

"Then we have no choice. I will do what I am told" LQ-84i got his chainsaw blade ready, about to charge at Moka.


Monsoon held his hand out in front of the robotic wolf.

"Leave her to me. You go and deal with the boy" He pulled out two sais from behind him, spinning them in his fingers.

"Its absolutely foolish for a human to try to take down a vampire. But if you insist" Moka got ran at a insanely fast speed, raising her leg up to give a powerful kick to Monsoons stomach. But out of nowhere, Monsoons torso spilt apart from his legs, causing her kick to simply pass through him.

"What the?" She swung her fist at his floating upper body, watching as they split apart into pieces. She continued swinging and kicking at him, hitting nothing as each of his body parts spilt apart and floated away from her attacks.

"Are you really this stupid?" Monsoons legs gave her a kick to the jaw, and his arms stabbed her in side with the sais.

"Moka!" Tskune shouted. LQ-84i jumped over the group, landing behind Isaac.

"I will do what I am told. I will not disobey my commanders" The robotic wolf raised his chainsaw tail, ready to run through Isaac.

"Leave him alone!" A ice spike from Mizore hit Blade Wolf in the side, knocking the robot over. Isaac quickly ran behind the girl.

"You will all die!" 84i leaped onto his feet, charging at the two with his blade ready.

"No one hurts my friends on my watch!" Kurumus claws clashed with Blade Wolfs blade, sending sparks everywhere. From the side, Mizore slashed the robot with her arm, now formed into a blade of ice.

"Superficial damage. Back up is required" 84i leaped onto the fence of the school, emitting a loud roar. Another roar sounded from the black forest behind everyone, getting everyone attention except for Monsoons.

"This parties about over now" Monsoon cackled.

From the forest, a volley of spikes hit everyone except for 84i, Moka, who dodged, and Monsoon. As soon as the spikes hit them, the people who were hit collapsed, unconscious.

"What was that!?" The silver haired vampire turned around, looking at her defeated friends.

Two shimmering yellow eyes appeared in the forest, belonging to a large green bat-like creature. The monster leaped out of the trees in a headache inducing speed, landing behind Monsoon. It roared loudly at the monster girl.

"Three on one. You can't beat me even with your big green animal."

"We may not, but our other friend will for us"

From behind Moka, a purple clad ninja appeared in a spray of water, and shot a spout of scalding water onto her before she could turn around.

"Agh!" She fell to the ground, defeated.

"It's always nice to know about your enemy, such as a vampires weakness to water." Monsoon chuckled as Rain created a blade of water, planning to decapitate the girl.

"You cowards..." Moka growled, too weakened to even attempt to move.

"Planning ahead and exploiting your adversaries weaknesses is not cowardly" 84 walked beside Monsoon, placing the heat knives he had thrown during the battle back into their holsters.

Rain raises the blade, and swung it at her neck.

"Hold up there Rain!"

The son of a elder god stopped his killing blow right at the skin of her neck. A man walked out from the forest, with thick glasses, a suit, and short straight brown hair.

"After all, I want to see the life leave her eyes myself" The man walked up to her, kneeling down onto his knee.

"Jacob Danik. Leader of The Circle" He held out a mocking hand to her, fully aware of her inability to move right now.

"What a marvelous creature. So similar to a human, yet so different at the same time." He got back up, standing ahead of the other attackers.

"What do you want from us" She growled, getting another spray of water from Rain.

"We're here to complete our assignment, but you people decided to try and stop us" Danik walked up to the green furred creature.

"We weren't thinking we were gonna need the help of our good old Nargacuga, but you people surprisingly put up quite a fight, and all for a boy you don't even know." He patted the large creature on its head, getting a low growl from it.

"What kind of people try to kill a child?" The weakened vampire asked.

"Simple. The boy will be a thorn in our side if we let him live. And besides, we need more worlds and dimensions for our plan"

"What do you mean?"

"Turn her around, please."

Rain picked up Moka by the collar of her shirt, turning her around to face the forest.

"You see that tree in the distance?" Danik pointed his gloved finger at the large tree far off in the forest.

" It's a tree, what's so important about it?"

"That is not a tree. Thanks to one of our weapons suppliers providing us with cloaking fields, we have hidden a glorious device inside of it."

"What kind of device is that?"

"Eyes forward, pay attention" Danik pulled out a small remote, hitting the button.


"Doc, where did those loony teleporters send us this time?" A man with a buzz cut walked with three other men through the dark forest.

"Calm down Dempsey. We aren't in a place near as bad as the theatre" Another of the me , covered in blood sighed.

"All I hope is that I can find something to drink soon. I haven't had a good vodka for a while..." The man standing beside the one named Dempsey said in a Russian accent.

"Do you ever think of anything but drinking, Nikolai?" The last of the four spoke in a Japanese accent, annoyed at the Russian named Nikolai.

"I wouldn't blame him, I think I need a drink after what we've been through..." The blood covered man defended the Russian.

"And you, because of you, we almost got killed!"

"But we got out of it, because of me"

"Rictofen, Takeo, quiet! There's something going on over there" Dempsey motioned for them to crouch behind the bush he was using for cover. The other three huddled behind it, looking over it at the strange building, but more importantly, the people looking off into another part of the forest.

"What the hell is that mangy creature behind them? Looks like some beefed up bat" Nikolai looked at the large green creature.

"And there's a purple ninja man. And some weird robot looking people." Dempsey looked at the red man and the strange robot dog.

"What are they looking at-"

A loud booming noise from farther into the forest sent the four onto their backs. The skies turned a dark purple, and a dark glowing monument in the middle of the forest rose from the ground.

"I think I drank too much of the red soda before we got here..." Nikolai got up first, looking at the giant monument.


"What is that!?" Moka shouted, her friends still unconcious.

"That, is the dark marker. Beautiful isn't it? It's the thing that turns dimensions and worlds into fuel for our plans. It also creates more troops for our armies" Danik reached behind him.


"The dork with the glasses, he's going to execute the silver haired woman"

" We cannot let them do that" Takeo spoke up.

"And why not?" The crazy German doctor, Rictofen, asked.

"It would be very dishonorable for us to let these young people die."

"Your always talking about your honor, but I agree. Nikolai , use the big wind gun on them" Dempsey nudged the Russian.

"But it's only got one shot left!"

"We'll try to find a way to get more juice for it, now just blast them before they execute the girl!"

"Alright alright! Sheesh!"


"I wonder what a vampire will come out as after its gone through convergence." Danik pulled out a small pistol.

"Why don't we see right now?"

Before Danik could fire, a large blast of powerful wind hit them, sending the villains flying up into the air and a bit away from them.

"ORA! Great shot booze head!" Dempsey ran past Nikolai, who was holding a wonder weapon, the deadly Zeus Cannon. He helped Moka onto her feet, while the other three began waking up the passed out victims of the Green Nargacuga.

"What hit us?" Ruby got onto her feet with her friends and Isaac. Almost instantly, the Nargacuga was back onto its feet, and leaped over to them. It's tail raised up high into the air, spikes now sticking up from it.

"Man, if I still had some ammo left, I would blast this ugly thing back to kingdom come"

"Target is still alive. Must kill" LQ-84i leaped next to the Green Nargacuga, giving a snarl.

"You know, you people are just delaying the inevitab-"


"Oh no... Mom..." Isaac thought, hearing the voice of his mother.

"The boys mother followed him. Interesting" Monsoon gave a slight smile. A large portal opened nearby them all, a pair of dark beady eyes glaring at them all, finally focusing on Isaac. Isaac could recognize the large stature of his mother, but she was different. She was glowing, she was bigger, and she looked inhuman, much more than she did before.


A portal appeared next to Isaac and the people near him.

"What the fuck is that!?" Dempsey shouted, feeling a pull coming from it. In a flash, the group of heroes were sucked inside the now closed portal.

"Well, this was quite unexpected. But even though they got away, we will find th-"

Another portal, created by Isaac's mother surprisingly, sucked the villains and the Nargacuga into the newly created portal.

"MUA HA HA HA HA!" With a demented cackle, Isaac's Mother disappeared into her portal, leaving the dark marker to do its work.
Chapter 1: Winds of Destruction.

I will list every character in the story into a list in the description, as well as a new characters list that appeared for the first time into the story in the chapter they appeared in. As well as a image of each new character listed in each chapter

New Characters

-Sam and Max. The Sam and Max series. [link]

-Deadpool. The Deadpool series.

-Mileena. Mortal Kombat series.

-Sundowner, LQ-84i, and Monsoon. Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance.
Sundowner [link]
LQ-84i [link]
Monsoon [link]

-Jacob Danik. Dead Space 3. (Freaking Dude looks like Elton John)

-Rain. Mortal Kombat series. (Yes, his color scheme and name is a reference to the Prince song 'Purple Rain')


-Francis York Morrigan. Deadly Premonition. (Easily the best worst game ever made)

-Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Tank Dempsey, and Takeo Masaki. The Call of Duty series. Specifically in the Nazi Zombies mode.
Richtofen [link]
Nikolai [link]
Dempsey [link]
Takeo [link]

-Tskune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Kurumu Kurono, Yukari Sendo, Mizore Shirayuki, and Ruby Tojo. Rosario+Vampire (The manga is better than the anime. The anime is okay though, if you don't mind quite a bit of fan service.)

Tskune. [link]
Moka. [link]
Kurumu. [link]
Yukari (Can't stand her) [link]
Mizore [link]
Ruby. [link]

-Green Nargacuga. I like to call it the Boreal Nargacuga. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Nowhere near as annoying as the Lucent Nargacuga.

-Valentine. Skullgirls.
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